Lubbock Salvation Army hosts Recycling Style Show

Summer clothing and essential back-to-school fashion were on show during the Recycling Style Show, held on August 7 at The Salvation Army Redbud Thrift Store in Lubbock. The show was planned not only to promote the Family Stores, but also to give the 16 women, girls and boys selected to model from The Salvation Army’s shelter and church programs some much needed love and assistance. The women and girls received free haircuts from Mr. Tom’s Salon and Spa. In addition, skilled volunteers provided makeup and hair styling before the show. The boys received cologne and smelled wonderful on the day of the Style Show. All participants were allowed to choose and keep the clothing they modeled.

The Salvation Army will host another Style Show in April at the Family Store located in downtown Lubbock at 1420 Avenue J.

More information about The Salvation Army in Lubbock can be found on their Facebook page at

Gabrielle Santana and Alexis Johnson model overalls as a hot back-to-school style at The Salvation Army Family Store in Lubbock

Salvation Army Prepared to Respond to Tropical Storm Danielle

The Salvation Army, Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi Division are preparing to respond to areas affected by Tropical Storm Danielle. With widespread rain and spin up tornado’s possible, The Salvation Army has placed all disaster units on alert for possible response.

Mobile feeding units will be prepared to serve hot meals, snacks and hydration in the event of flooding and power outages.

This system is currently tracking northwest at a forward speed of 10 mph. TD 5 is forecast to track northwestward right up to landfall first in southeast Louisiana on Thursday afternoon and Thursday evening and then a second landfall in southwest Mississippi late Thursday night. This system is anticipated to slow dramatically as it nears the coast on Thursday as a weakness in a ridge of high pressure forms along the central Gulf coast. Many of the hurricane track models have shifted east overnight and are forecasting a landfall on the Mississippi or Alabama coastlines on Thursday evening; therefore, if this trend continues, the forecast track may need to be shifted a little further east.

“The Salvation army is prepared to respond if needed,” stated Bill Feist, Emergency Disaster Services Director for The Salvation Army in the ALM Division. “Once the storm passes we should have a clearer picture of our response.”

Salvation Army disaster work is one of the many ways The Salvation Army addresses human suffering and need in communities across the region. To help with The Salvation Army’s emergency disaster response to Tropical Storm Danielle, you can call 1-800-Sal-Army (1-800-725-2769) or log on to and make a monetary donation.

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Salvation Army Bringing Relief Around the World; Russia, Romania and Pakistan

Salvationists in Russia are providing assistance to people affected by wildfires. Eastern Russia is going through the hottest summer on record, leading to countless grass, peat bog and forest fires.

Fires nearly encircled Voronezh, a city of 850,000 people some 475 kilometers south of Moscow. Six hundred people were left without homes.

Salvation Army Officers (Pastors), soldiers and friends of the Voronezh Corps (Salvation Army church) are providing what help they can to the displaced persons. Working with local authorities, they have assessed the situation and know the immediate needs. They are distributing food, water, clothes and personal care products. Plans are in place to give out bedding and small household items. Spiritual counseling is a vital part of the response by Salvation Army personnel.

The corps does not own a vehicle but it is partnering with another church which has two vehicles. While Russia is dealing with wildfires and unusually hot temperatures, Romania has been hit with heavy flooding. The regional township of Dorohoi, in the north-western corner of the country, was worst affected. Salvation Army Officers (Pastors) from Iasi traveled 90 miles to the area to help with the emergency response. They and a team of volunteers are working with the local administration to provide the families in greatest need with cleaning products, toilet paper, bedding and towels.

‘A sudden stream of water came and took everything people had,’ report the officers. ‘In less than 30 minutes the water rose two meters. Six people lost their lives in Dorohoi and 22 have died in the flooding across Romania. We found the people scared, desperate, hungry, naked and covered in mud. They had no dry clothes and no beds to sleep in.

‘The floods destroyed 520 homes in Dorohoi alone, affecting 2,200 people.’

The Salvation Army will continue to work in the flood-hit areas to meet the needs of people as they recover from the devastation of losing their homes, possessions and livelihoods. Meanwhile, in Pakistan, The Salvation Army is continuing to prepare a full response to the floods that brought devastation to the country. Captain Washington Daniel, the Salvation Army’s District Officer for Islamabad, went to Peshawar to assess the situation and help decide how The Salvation Army can best help.

He reports:
We arrived in Peshawar very tired after a hard day.

The situation is hopeless and people are facing major difficulties. Most houses are damaged badly or have fallen down completely due to the flood water. River water came into many houses, rising to above six feet in some places. People are looking for shelter, going to relatives’ houses or to churches.

People are feeling hopeless. The Government and other non-government agencies (NGOs) have not properly visited them, helped them or prayed with them. They said that people from The Salvation Army are the first to visit and pray with them.

In some areas there is still standing water and people are afraid to go back to see their homes. Their houses and what they owned is mixed with mud. The buildings and houses are cracked and not suitable for living in. The smell of the water in some places is too bad to stand near. Human bodies and animals around the fields are still stuck in the mud. We asked the people what assistance they need immediately, but it will be very hard to fulfill all their demands.

The first batch of relief aid to go up to the affected areas – essential goods bought with the initial funding – is being put together and will be sent as soon as it is ready to go.

For more information, or to make a donation, go to

Back To School

Needy students receive school supplies from The Salvation Army

Brand-new pencils, colorful erasers, pristine notebooks—even new uniforms, backpacks, and shoes: These are the things that delight most Texas schoolchildren about returning to school. But for those children whose families can’t afford their back-to-school supplies, the start of a new year can be an uncomfortable experience.

“Everyone notices when your shoes have holes and when the teacher has to give you pencils and stuff,” one youngster tells us.

The list of required school supplies seems to be ever growing and can be a real financial concern for families, particularly those with multiple school-age children. For example, a Kindergartener is expected to arrive on the first day with a backpack, pencils, crayons, glue sticks, an eraser, a box of tissues, broad-tip markers, a pair of scissors, pencil case, and a spiral bound notebook. A student entering the 12th Grade needs almost 30 items including binders, a scientific calculator, geometry set, pocket dictionary, a thesaurus, highlighter pens, and a stapler, to name but a few.

Salvation Army locations throughout Texas are “Doing the Most Good” by coming alongside families to help furnish these essential school supplies. A snapshot of assistance provided includes Salvation Army locations in Borger (40 children), Killeen (325), Freeport (200), Lufkin (1,000), and Big Spring (350).

Partners of The Salvation Army are also stepping up to the plate to provide back-to-school assistance. On Tuesday, Aug. 10, more than 12,000 students in need will have the opportunity to visit Target stores nationwide and purchase must-have supplies as part of the Target School Spree. Each child, selected by The Salvation Army, will be awarded an $80 Target Gift Card to purchase much-needed back-to-school supplies. Target awarded all 40 of The Salvation Army divisions nationwide a total of $960,000 worth of Target Gift Cards for the shopping sprees. Nearly 500 Target stores will participate in the one-day Target School Spree event in select regions across the country. All participants will be given a reusable Target shopping bag and be paired with a volunteer chaperone for their fun day of back-to-school shopping.

New shoes are another great need for the start of the school, and, thanks to the generosity of contributors to the Amarillo Globe News Empty Stocking Fund, the Amarillo Salvation Army anticipates providing shoe vouchers to 800 young people. Similar programs are in place in Abilene, where the Abilene Board of Realtors partner with The Salvation Army to provide more than 700 new pairs of shoes, and in Austin, the third annual Georgetown “Shoe-In,” which is underwritten by donors, expects to distribute 1,000 pairs of new tennis shoes.

Salvation Army locations throughout Texas will be delighted to accept your donations of school supplies. For more information about The Salvation Army please visit, call1-800-SAL-ARMY, or contact your local Salvation Army Corps.

Salvation Army in Pakistan Prepares Flood Response

The Salvation Army in Pakistan is preparing to help people who have lost homes and possessions in the worst floods for 80 years. It is thought that more than 1,400 people lost their lives in flooding which left 25,000 more trapped and awaiting rescue. More than a million people are thought to be homeless.

The Salvation Army’s divisional commander in Islamabad and the corps officers (church ministers) from Peshawar are aware of at least 3,000 families in the areas of Peshawar, Charsada, Noshera, Jhanghira, Tar Nab, and Rasalpur who need food, cooking/eating utensils and bedding materials.

An initial sum of US$20,000 from The Salvation Army’s International Headquarters and $28,000 from the Switzerland, Austria and Hungary Territory will allow the local Salvation Army to begin an urgent response. While this is taking place, Salvation Army emergency relief team members in Pakistan are conducting a thorough assessment of the situation and will liaise with the government’s National Management Disaster Authority to ensure that relief efforts are not duplicated.

Salvation Army Still Supporting Earthquake and Tsunami Victims in Chile

The Salvation Army in Chile continues to serve people affected by the earthquake and tsunami that brought devastation over a wide area in late February. Support is concentrated in central and southern Chile at Talca, Rancagua-Doñihue, Santa Clara, Dichato and Caleta Tumbes.

Two feeding programs operate to help elderly people and vulnerable families through the cold and damp winter. As resources become available The Salvation Army is replacing clothing and other essential items that were lost in the disaster. Schemes are also in place to provide temporary housing and employment.

Women’s support groups which have commenced in some communities are providing an opportunity for people to share their concerns with each other, especially as most are dealing with the same disruptions to their lives. These groups have created new networks of support and encouragement.

Caleta Tumbes, a coastal community, was all but swept away by the tsunami that followed the earthquake. The Salvation Army has provided fishermen in the village with new boats so they can resume their work. More have been requested.

There is ongoing contact with local and government leaders.

Programs in damaged Salvation Army properties are being operated at reduced capacity. El Faro, the men’s residence in Santiago, needs to be completely redeveloped due to the severity of the earthquake damage.

Salvation Army officers, soldiers and staff involved in the disaster response have demonstrated courage, care and determination to help their fellow Chileans through this difficult time. There has been great appreciation shown by those receiving help, not just for the material needs that have been met but also for the spiritual comfort given.

Salvation Army Provides Support to Victims of California Wild Fires

Food, water, shelter and counseling provided to newly displaced residents

LOS ANGELES, CA: As fire crews work around the clock to tame wild fires in the North Los Angeles’ Leona Valley and Tehachapi Mountains, The Salvation Army’s emergency disaster teams are operating tirelessly to aid both displaced residents and emergency crews affected by this catastrophe.

The Salvation Army is partnering with The Red Cross to provide shelter to displaced individuals in several areas, including special shelters to accommodate families with animals. Other Salvation Army teams are in 4X4 vehicles to navigate mountain roads and deliver snacks, drinks and comfort to those victims who have been allowed to return to their property sites to sift through the rubble.

To date, The Salvation Army staff and volunteers have served several hundred meals to fire victims, emergency personnel, medical and fire fighter teams. Additionally, trained Salvation Army officers and staff are offering counseling and spiritual comfort to victims and emergency workers. Disaster relief and recovery services are provided to all in need without discrimination.

Looking ahead to the near future, Salvation Army emergency disaster personnel will continue to provide immediate response services, like emergency shelter and food service well into the recovery process and will make preliminary contact with other social service agencies for case management for the fire survivors.

Monetary donations continue to be The Salvation Army’s most pressing need. The public can help us most right now by making a financial gift that gives The Salvation Army the purchasing power we need to care for disaster survivors. Financial donations can be made by calling 1-800-SAL-ARMY or by visiting Please designate your gift to “Southern California Fire Relief.”