The Salvation Army EDS and FEMA Corps Team Up For Preparedness Work

Jackson, MS (October 17, 2013) – Over 65 FEMA Corps volunteers were in Jackson, MS Thursday at the ALM Divisional EDS warehouse. FEMA Teams worked on multiple projects including debris/brush removal and food service gear preparation. In addition, all FEMA Corps folks were given the chance to tour some of ALM’s assets including the 53 foot mobile field kitchen, shower trailer, and a smaller canteen unit on loan from the Jackson, MS corps.

Salvation Army EDS and FEMA Corps volunteers team up.
Salvation Army EDS and FEMA Corps volunteers team up.

FEMA Corps is a relatively new program. Corps members are tasked with focusing on disaster preparedness, mitigation, response, and recovery activities, providing support in areas ranging from working directly with disaster survivors to supporting disaster recovery centers to sharing valuable disaster preparedness and mitigation information with the public. When asked why she does the work she does, team member JoJo West out of Wisconsin stated “I do it because I want to give something back.”

The recent government shutdown allowed FEMA Corps to get more creative in what they are doing in the community. While it might seem that clearing brush and washing out coolers is not disaster work, it really is. The work hours donated by FEMA Corps will save The Salvation Army enough money to provide well over 1000 meals to individuals after a disaster.

Representatives from both organizations were pleased with the work and spoke about continuing the partnership in the future.

Salvation Army UK Soccer Competions

The Salvation Army UK Hosts Soccer Competition

The Salvation Army in the United Kingdom is hosting a soccer competition for men staying at their Lifehouse facilities (shelters) throughout the country. For more information and pictures go to #partnershiptrophy on Facebook or read about it in the story here.

Salvation Army UK Soccer Competions

Visit Salvation Army UK’s website for other news and information about The Salvation Army in the United Kingdom.

In Darkest England and the Way Out, by William Booth

William Booth

On this day in history,

in 1890, “In Darkest England and the Way Out”, a classic work of social programming by Salvation Army Founder, William Booth, was first published.

This controversial book presented Booth‘s plans for a program to help the poor and needy. His ideas were summarized in what he termed ‘The Cab-Horse Charter’ which read,

“When a horse is down he is helped up, and while he lives he has food, shelter and work. That, although a humble standard, is at present absolutely unattainable by millions – literally by millions – of our fellow men and women.”

“In Darkest England and the Way Out”

In Darkest England and the Way Out by William Booth Cover